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Family owned and operated and

always bringing quality to your table!

Pasquale "Pat" Venezia

Pasquale Venezia immigrated to the United States as a young boy in 1905. Upon his arrival on Ellis Island his family landed in Brooklyn, NY living near the Navy Yard. When he was a young man he became a route driver for the Dearfoot Sausage Company. This became the foundation for his aspiration of owning his own business. He founded Mayfair Provision Company in about 1932, working out of the wholesale meat market on 14th Street in Manhattan.

Pasquale changed his name, Americanizing it to Pat Venice when he moved to Kenilworth, NJ. He established his business there eventually moving to a location that remained there until 2015. During WWII he was very instrumental in seeing that the youth of the town and veterans returning from the war were recognized, often having picnics at the park and supplying them with meats. Pat passed away at the young age of 47 in 1947.

Pat was an entrepreneur who had a lot of foresight and bought some valuable land in Kenilworth. The business and land was passed down to his sons who continued his legacy. Family Tree Meats, Nick's Meat Depot, Nick's Catering & BBQ, and now, Pat's American Butcher Shop, are a continuance of that legacy, operated by two of his grandsons, Rick and Pat, and his great-grandson NIck.

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